• Data is the artist’s palette

    and creativity, the brush

  • What We Do

    We are a media and communications company, focusing on three divisions: sports, entertainment, and technology. These areas are blowing up in China in recent years, both through a Chinese appetite for international properties and Chinese properties gaining popularity beyond the Great Wall. Through strategic relationships, a skilled and strong team, and a execution, we carry our clients on our shoulders to generate awareness, manage reputations, and bring to the world what people want.

    Quo Media and Communications believes in the power of data to tell a story and enhance engagement. By separating signal from noise, we aim to find the true story of a brand and tell that story in a highly targeted manner where influencer management, narrative, and social behavior meet. We leverage this data-driven approach to develop, improve, grow, and protect brand awareness and reputation. We believe that data-driven communications is the next evolution in brand management and utilize this palette at all phases of the communications cycle to paint a picture and help your brand win the hearts and minds of consumers.

  • Our Approach

    We are firm believers in the data being the future of PR. With data as the parameters, we let the creativity flow as we draw within and beyond the lines. When possible, Quo utilizes in-house big-data from clients combined with competitive intelligence to understand the true essence of the company, product, or service, the true user profile, and the true placement among the competitive field. From there, we develop targeted and innovative plans aimed at achieving the clients’ goals. Upon execution of the plan, we utilize data-driven analytics to understand the effectiveness of our efforts and adjust as necessary.

  • Our Work

    Smartphone Security App

    "Safer | Better"

    The Challenge:

    Quo was engaged by a patented smartphone security app that launched 6 months prior. To that point, they had obtained a few hundred thousand downloads – primarily through paid media – and averaging thousands of downloads per day. Two weeks prior to the initial engagement, the client stopped paid media and watched the average downloads drop to a few hundred per day. “Help us make this app cool; we want to make it go viral,” said the CEO, claiming their key demographic was 17-24 year-old girls. Their goal was to get to 1,000,000 downloads within the following 6 months.


    The Strategy:

    Upon conducting in-depth analysis, it was determined a shift in target demographics was necessary. We aimed to re-craft the story and messaging, unify messaging between various platforms, garner earned media, and focus on execution – utilizing data to drive the story, analyze the results, and adjust as necessary.


    The Result:

    Two weeks after execution, the CEO was thrilled. “Something amazing happened! In the last two weeks, we saw our daily average downloads increase seven-fold.” Within that time, the total downloads and 5-star ratings doubled and continue to grow.

    Smartphone Alternate Keyboard App

    "One Keyboard to Rule Them All"

    The Challenge:

    Quo was engaged by an alternative keyboard app (think Swype), with over one hundred million downloads globally and having recently closed a series B round of funding. They were hoping for explosive growth, gain significant brand awareness, and entice another round of funding.


    The Strategy:

    Utilize in-house big data, as well as competitive data, to identify and develop true, targeted story; craft messaging and unify owned media; work to generate brand awareness and growth through converged media – the intersection of owned, paid and earned media. Using this information, we targeted our growth in key markets and key demographics to pursue viral effects focusing on a “one keyboard to rule them all” campaign combined with a focus on emojis.


    The Result:

    Within 6 months of the campaign, the client had tripled in downloads globally (ex-China) with a 65% retention rate and average daily use of 6 hours. We received significant earned media through coverage at SXSW and by major news outlets and KOLs. Meanwhile, this paved the way for pop culture, movie and sports IPs to garner interest in partnering with the company.


    Moreover, they were able to entice a 2nd tranche of funding, closing a series B+ and raising another US$30M.

  • Expertise

    That Startup Life

    Emerging brands and startups need strong communication more than any other group. Quo brings our range of services to the new kids on the block with access to data-driven thinking, consultation, and results. With services including branding, story-crafting, narrative, and messaging as well as targeted media exposure, influencer relations, content creation, experiential marketing, investor relations, and executive communications, our passion is to help brands and companies become famous and achieve their goals. We do this while maintaining a flexible and simple cost structure that won’t break the bank.

    That Corporate Life

    Quo doesn’t limit our offerings to fledgling brands and startups. We do, however, utilize a similar data-driven approach to provide our more established clients with brand positioning, re-branding, product launches, consumer engagement, and targeted media relations. From multinational private companies to Fortune 500 publicly listed companies, we cover TMT, travel and tourism, fashion and apparel, consumer health, IoT, consumer technology, and FMCG. With these clients, we drive targeted behavior by creating compelling narratives and developing relevant, topical, and engaging content aimed at focused consumers.

    Executive Branding

    In today’s world, the top executives are often closely associated with the brands themselves. As the face of the organization, it is paramount that these executives present an authentic image to all key stakeholders, be they employees, consumers, investors, or journalists. Although we provide talking points, public speaking and media training, we move well beyond the basics through careful planning and customized strategies. Quo helps leaders bring out their finest, most authentic selves in a way that’s endearing and charming to the stakeholders while enhancing their reputation and moving the organization forward with confidence.

    Targeted Media Relations

    Today’s media landscape is more dynamic and fluid than ever before: new stories breaking every moment; KOLs and consumers buzzing about the latest trending topic. Social media generates millions of likes, tweets, shares, and other actions each day. In the ubiquitous social media world we live in, the opportunities to build presence and create awareness are vast.


    Quo thinks strategically, analytically, and creatively to develop integrated marketing and PR campaigns focusing at the point of converged media – the intersection of earned, social, owned, and paid media. In this way, we drive discussion, engage consumers, manage reputation, and help build client business to aid in achieving our clients’ goals.

  • Our People

    Brian Schoenborn

    Founder & CEO


    Prior to founding Quo, Brian has had diverse experience in global Marketing, Strategy, Finance and PR for over 10 years. He’s been using data to tell stories and help companies grow for years, both for large private and public companies as well as startups based in the US, Hong Kong, and Mainland China and operating globally. schoenborn.bc@me.com

    Aaron Sun

    Co-founder & CMO


    Prior to co-founding Quo, Aaron has had 7 years' experience in Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Management with deep understanding of traditional and mobile internet, primarily through gaming with companies based in Mainland China operating globally. aaron_vv@hotmail.com


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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations on news, trends and data-driven PR topics.

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  • Careers

    We are a fast-growing, fun, and inspiring company at the intersection of data and creativity, and we’re always on the lookout for interesting and energetic people that excel at controlling the conversation and owning the room. We also believe that cookie-cutter career paths are boring. We break the mold of traditional PR in nearly every facet of the business. Above all, we value company culture and the people who help create it. If you think you may be a fit, contact Brian or Aaron and tell us how you think you could help us build our brand as well as those of others. Cheers!

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